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Q. Many, many weeks ago I brought to your attention a grey truck on 7th that has been parked up there since spring. It finally did get tagged once but the tag was quickly removed & was rolled back a few feet. Since then (many weeks now)it has been parked in it's 2nd location. (It gets rolled because it does not run.) Word must be getting around that this is a good place to stash cars because now there is a 2nd one parked at the very end of Seward that has also not moved for many weeks. (Burgundy Toyota van). Some residents are lucky enough to have dedicated parking up there but many of us do not & have to scramble around for parking every day. Isn't there anything more that can be done besides playing this roll it back & forth game?

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD community service officers have spoken with the pickup owner and will check on the new vehicle you are reporting as not being moved. The pickup owner has claimed to us that the vehicle does run and is being moved at least to the minimum standard of going through at least one intersection every 48 hours before being parked again on a public street. If you have witnessed the owner rolling the vehicle instead of driving it, please report that to JPD's community services division. The other vehicle will be inspected today.


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