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Q. I was fourth in line turning left onto Main Street from Egan. There was a pedestrian trying to cross Main using the crosswalk. When the left turn light changed from Red to Flashing Yellow the three cars ahead of me turned left and cut off the pedestrian who had the Walk Light. Wouldn't it be safer if the left turn light stayed Red when the Walk Light is lit?

Dear Juneau Resident,

The drivers who cut off the pedestrian were in the wrong. Flashing yellow means to proceed but be prepared to yield. Which they did not. DOT has indicated that the use of flashing yellows does increase the amount of traffic that can pass through the intersection in a timely manner, like when there are no pedestrians with the right of way. A solid red light would keep cars in place but there would also be more cars building up. This seems to be a judgement call so it might be good to observe the intersection more as we get into a relatively low volume pedestrian time of year and let DOT know what you think. The phone number is 465-3900.


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