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Q. Recently, I got into a minor traffic accident; subsequently, I have a broken tail light. The soonest appointment to repair all damage is over a month away. In the meantime, the red tape over the tail light falls off every day. What happens if I get pulled over, and receive a fix it ticket that is due sooner than my repair date when the taillight assembly itself costs more than the deductable I have to pay when I get all the damage fixed? Should I just park it until then?

Dear Juneau Resident,

You can either keep covering the white light to the rear, which is the violation, or park the vehicle. That is going to be the case if you get a correctable offense ticket or not. If you do get pulled over, give the day you have an appointment to get the light fixed to the officer and the inspection date can be after that. The officers have discretion with those dates and are reasonable as long as people don't push their luck with something like, "How about after next years PFD?"

Then, for the period between the traffic stop and the repair, wrestling with the tape or parking the car are your two choices.


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