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Q. Can JPD deputize private citizens to do nothing other than write tickets.I'm so sick and freekin tired of trying to find a handicap spot at freds and especially walmart taken up by people without the placards.And those people (just going in for a second)still parked there 45 minutes later.Walmart cant do anything because they said the state mandates a certain number of spaces and the state posts the signage therefore the state is supposed to enforce it.JPD seems more interested in giving out tickets for broken lightbulbs than ticketing those who INTENTIONALLY break the law.

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD totally understands your frustration and if you see someone illegally using a handicapped space please call 586-0600 to see if an officer is available. The JPD community service officers (CSOs) do go through the private lots as time allows balanced with their other duties.

JPD enforcement uses the city ordinance for citations. This at least allows the city to collect some money for using its enforcement officers. Tickets are expensive from issuing to processing to any court appearances. The city ordinance requires a blue curb and signage that is visible to the driver. When JPD community service officers check private lots they issue tickets to cars in violation using spaces that meet the city requirements for markings.

As far as deputization, it is possible but someone has to pay for it. The city does use private security for some ticketing, including in city parks. The CSOs, who do most of JPD's parking enforcement, have not heard of private contractors enforcing parking on private property. It is technically possible for stores to use a contractor for parking, provided the city authorizes the ticketing authority under city ordinances.

What JPD can do now is try to respond to your complaint if you call in when it is happening. If you can stick around the officer can explain any outcome, including if the space doesn't meet the city signage requirements or if the person does have a placard but it wasn't displayed.


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