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Q. Let's go back to Case 130116-007. If he didn't have a driver's license, does that mean he also had no insurance? Three misdemeanors? Considering the situation, it seems there ought to be a felony or two he could be charged with, (but, of course, I know nothing about the laws). Do multiple misdemeanors ever add up to a felony? You know. Like three strikes, and you're out?

Dear Juneau Resident,

The owner of the car, who was not driving, did have insurance. The charges are still pending and not filed yet because injuries to the passenger are still being assessed. The investigating officer is monitoring the situation. If the driver caused what is considered under the law to be serious physical injury then there could be a felony charge.

A group of alleged misdemeanors does not add up to a felony but prior misdemeanor convictions can mean repeat acts of the same nature are a higher misdemeanor, with theft cases, or a felony, with DUI cases. The charge does not become enhanced, though sentences could be, with repeat convictions of reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and driving without a license.


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